Friday, March 23, 2012

Closing the Book

Starting my senior year I would have never dreamed it would be taken away from me so quickly. For so long I was very upset, because I've missed out on so many things this year. However, last night I was looking through all of my yearbooks. I saw a lot of broken friendships, but even more crazy memories! There are so many people that I've met through high school that have helped shape and mold me as a person! They probably don't even know it! I don't get to talk to many people that much anymore, but I want you all to know the impact you've made in my life. Also the amazing memories that I will never forget!

 Katelynn Taylor taught me the meaning of true friendship. Thank God me and Paige Bowling never got arrested together!!! Love her. Watching Chloe Williams fall in the hallway everyday and learning to stick up for herself. Falling in love with Shae Anderson & her mommy <3 Endless fights with Mariah Mitchell and jumping off the cliffs at night. Hysterically laughing at all of Laurel Medlin's jokes! Deep deep talks with Bianca Whitehead. Fighting Cortney Smith in front of half the school, but still being as close as sisters. Crying my eyes out from laughing so hard at Samantha Hardmen. Acting like a complete retard with Kayti Loflin. Criminal Justice with Rayna Spears! Getting caught trying to leave school with Harley Journey. Watching Tara Reese come out of her shell! Redneck memories with Kaleigh Gregson!!!

Singing to the top of my lungs with Cruze Blanke. Vibration world with Joe shelton.....das coo. Mark Foley taught me how to do my "black girl pose". Rapping "We aint playin" with Mitchell Mcclaran. Fighting everyday, but making up 10 seconds after with Chase Roland. Honestly, what haven't I been through with Logan Brooks & Damon Shaw?! Failing Spanish with Lukas Medlin. Holding my breath at the bottom of the pool with Jordon Pugh. Brandon Hathaway teaching me how to dance. Pj Whittaker talking about my mom everyday. Correcting Bj Bass's grammar.Advice from Dalton Ray. Doing a dance around my coffee table with T-Ray Malone. Ryan Nevens always having my back! Random trip to Pulaski with Cody Swafford. Gaige Quibodeaux being the best guy friend anyone could ever have! Crazy nights with the "A-squad".

There are so many more, but i'd be writing all day. I just wanted you all to know that whether I still talk to you or not you guys made an impact on my life. I hold you all dear to my heart. Senior year is coming to an end, and we will all be going our separate ways! I wish nothing but happiness and success for all of you. :)

Now Time For College!!!!!!

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