Thursday, January 26, 2012

The triangle.

Society tells you that you should look or act a certain way to be "sexy". So naturally people are very focused on their looks. That's the problem. People are so obsessed with finding that amazingly beautiful girl or that super hot guy that they are losing focus on what really matters in a relationship. I can say this because I am guilty as well. However, I've learned a lot! I dated the same guy for a little over four years, and I was stuck in a relationship for allllllllllll of the wrong reasons. Nothing went right for us. I wasn't happy at all. The feeling was miserable and I was stuck. However, when I recently got saved God told me to let go of every negative attachment I had. So I let him go. God took my pain away and filled my heart with joy for listening to him! I want all of you to know that God should come first before ANY relationship with any guy. I've thought a lot lately and realized that the best thing for me right now is to not have any ties with anyone. I want to truly find who I am, and completely focus on God with NO distractions. Someone recently told me that the relationship with you and your special someone should be like a triangle. You two on the bottom and God at the top! That was the wisest thing I've ever heard. This is probably the best advice that I can give. Looks arent everlasting, but the heart is. Remember that.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blow Your High

So this blog is based on Lacrae's song "Blow Your High". That song really hit home with me, because that is something that I used to do. I wish someone would have played me this song then, but they didn't. So I'm going to do so for some of you. Lets break this down. The first verse that hit me was this....

"Your body getting right, but your soul getting left. You think your getting high, but your really getting low. The devil got you blind from the weed that you blow. Your worshiping a tree instead of worshiping the king. When HE made everything"

Does that not resonate with all of you? It does with me. Getting high... Oh it's fun, you think you look cool. You want to "fit in" Yeah I get it. I was there, but guess what. When that "high" goes away... what are you left with? Emptiness... And a broke wallet. This was just on my heart, because I know so many people that should listen to this song. I'm just going to let you know this. The feeling in my heart right now since I have been saved is so much more amazing, so much more fulfilling, then any high you can get from a drug. I challenge you to give it a try. & BTW I apologize BUT I had to Blow Your High. :)))))))))

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Last night I posted my last blog. Since last night there have already been a few people that have tried to bring me down. People trying to bring drama to me. A month ago, I would've fed into that drama and started a war. However, no not today. NO ONE IS GOING TO BRING ME DOWN. No one is going to block my light right now. People told me that when I was saved Satan would try harder then ever to tempt me, to knock me back down on my knees. Well I am just saying I am stronger than that, and it's not going to happen. My heart hurts for the people that have seen my blog or my testimony and gotten mad. I know how they feel. At one point I didn't want to hear anything that had to do with God, but I was hurting and I needed him more than ever. I now have him and it's an incredible feeling. Don't be scared to reach out to God. He will take you in with his arms wide open. I was living a sin, and now I am free. You can be too.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Testimony

Okay, so I have been experiencing some amazing things in my life lately. All I want to do is share how I feel, and maybe it will inspire some of you! So many of you guys know me as the crazy party girl, and yes at one point I was. However,  I can honestly say that is no longer who I am now. I was in high school trying to fit in and be everyone else's definition of "cool". I had so many things going wrong in my life, and I blamed God. I turned my back on him. I got so caught up in what I was doing and who I was trying to be that I lost myself. I have suffered many losses due to my stupidity. I was lost in a relationship that was doing nothing but pulling me farther and farther apart from god. I couldn't even have fun without being high or drunk. It was so pathetic. I thought those things were making me feel better when in all actuality it left me feeling more empty then when I started. Two weeks ago my life changed. I went to someone's house expecting to not be there long and leave. I didn't even want to go. It turns out that we got into a deep conversation about God. That conversation saved me from going to a party that night. The whole night I sat there and thought about the last time I prayed... I couldn't even remember. That made me so ashamed of myself. I continued to think.. I have been at the lowest point in my life. There was nothing else that could go wrong seriously. Something sparked in me, and it was god. I went to church last Wednesday for the first time in a very long time. I felt god speaking to me. That night I broke up a four year relationship because God told me to change and let go of what was going to bring me down. So I did. Tonight I went to church and experienced something that was so amazing words cannot describe. I've been so lost in life and trying to find the right path.. I was looking in all of the wrong places. GOD IS THE ANSWER. I prayed tonight at church. I told God to save me. I have been wanting to accept him into my heart for so long, but I had so many distractions. He told me tonight to let them go. That he has me now, and he will never let go. I broke down and just cried. I cried really really hard, but it wasn't a sad cry. It was a cry of relief a cry of happiness. I want you all to know that if you are like I was; if you are lost in life. Look up, GOD IS THE ANSWER :) It's crazy because this is just the beginning, and I am happier then I ever have been in my entire life. I am on fire for God.

Monday, January 9, 2012


Typically people like to uphold a good reputation for themselves. However, does anyone even know what a good reputation is anymore? Girls have gotten lost in what society tells them they should be, the way they should look, act, and live their lives. Why do women feel like they have to broadcast their bodies to be given attention by males? Since when did self-respect become self-pity? We blame the world for what we let ourselves become. It's very dis-heartening. People follow what others are doing because change scares us. I'm guilty myself of all of these things, but that's when I start to think. So many things are superficial these days. What is real? Do I want to sit here and be all of these shallow things just to get the feeling of acceptance? No, because guesssssssss what!? God accepts me for who I am. I'd rather have a reputation for being the girl that didn't follow the crowd rather then fake my way to the top, But then again thats just me ;)

starting out!

Whats up?! Im totally new to this whole blogging thing! I have alot of thoughts that go through my head everyday, and I love to express them. If you cant handle random thoughts and a strong opinion then you probably should not read my stuff! Let me know what you guys think! :)