Monday, January 9, 2012


Typically people like to uphold a good reputation for themselves. However, does anyone even know what a good reputation is anymore? Girls have gotten lost in what society tells them they should be, the way they should look, act, and live their lives. Why do women feel like they have to broadcast their bodies to be given attention by males? Since when did self-respect become self-pity? We blame the world for what we let ourselves become. It's very dis-heartening. People follow what others are doing because change scares us. I'm guilty myself of all of these things, but that's when I start to think. So many things are superficial these days. What is real? Do I want to sit here and be all of these shallow things just to get the feeling of acceptance? No, because guesssssssss what!? God accepts me for who I am. I'd rather have a reputation for being the girl that didn't follow the crowd rather then fake my way to the top, But then again thats just me ;)


  1. great blog! i love what you said about being fake at the top! it was good! you should check out my blog if ya got time.