Thursday, January 26, 2012

The triangle.

Society tells you that you should look or act a certain way to be "sexy". So naturally people are very focused on their looks. That's the problem. People are so obsessed with finding that amazingly beautiful girl or that super hot guy that they are losing focus on what really matters in a relationship. I can say this because I am guilty as well. However, I've learned a lot! I dated the same guy for a little over four years, and I was stuck in a relationship for allllllllllll of the wrong reasons. Nothing went right for us. I wasn't happy at all. The feeling was miserable and I was stuck. However, when I recently got saved God told me to let go of every negative attachment I had. So I let him go. God took my pain away and filled my heart with joy for listening to him! I want all of you to know that God should come first before ANY relationship with any guy. I've thought a lot lately and realized that the best thing for me right now is to not have any ties with anyone. I want to truly find who I am, and completely focus on God with NO distractions. Someone recently told me that the relationship with you and your special someone should be like a triangle. You two on the bottom and God at the top! That was the wisest thing I've ever heard. This is probably the best advice that I can give. Looks arent everlasting, but the heart is. Remember that.

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