Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blow Your High

So this blog is based on Lacrae's song "Blow Your High". That song really hit home with me, because that is something that I used to do. I wish someone would have played me this song then, but they didn't. So I'm going to do so for some of you. Lets break this down. The first verse that hit me was this....

"Your body getting right, but your soul getting left. You think your getting high, but your really getting low. The devil got you blind from the weed that you blow. Your worshiping a tree instead of worshiping the king. When HE made everything"

Does that not resonate with all of you? It does with me. Getting high... Oh it's fun, you think you look cool. You want to "fit in" Yeah I get it. I was there, but guess what. When that "high" goes away... what are you left with? Emptiness... And a broke wallet. This was just on my heart, because I know so many people that should listen to this song. I'm just going to let you know this. The feeling in my heart right now since I have been saved is so much more amazing, so much more fulfilling, then any high you can get from a drug. I challenge you to give it a try. & BTW I apologize BUT I had to Blow Your High. :)))))))))